About Eventing
Eventing (also known as Horse Trials) is one of the three equestrian Olympic sports.  It involves the completion of a Dressage Test, a Cross-country / Endurance phase and a Showjumping round.  All three phases must be completed by the same combination (horse and rider) and then the score for each phase is added together to find the horses total score for the competition.  The scoring is based on a penalty system for each phase, so the lowest overall score wins!  Australia is very good at Eventing, we have many talented and dedicated riders and we also produce top class horses.  Australia has won the team Gold medal for this sport for 3 consecutive Olympics now.

Below is a list of terms used to define the levels and types of events:

ODE = one day event.  The most common form of event.  It takes place over either 1 or 2 days and involves each combination completing a dressage test, a show-jump round and a cross country round.

3DE = three day event.  The toughest form of eventing, it includes not only dressage, show jumping and cross country jumping, but also a steeplechase and an endurance phase.  The combination complete each of the three phases on a separate day, so there is three days of competition to complete a 3DE.  Due to the official horse inspections, briefings and so on.  A 3DE actually takes 4 to 5 days.

XC = cross country.  The phase in which the combination jump solid obstacles at speed.

Combination = a horse and its rider.  All 3 phases of an event must be completed by the same horse and rider combination.

CNC = National ODE

CCN = National 3DE

CIC = Internation ODE

CCI = International 3DE

National levels = Introductory (intro), Preliminary (prelim), Pre-Novice (PN), Novice (Nov), Open Novice (ON), Intermediate (Inter), Open Intermediate (OI), Advanced (Adv).

International levels = One star (*), Two star (**), Three star (***), Four star (****).  These are equivalent to Novice (*), Intermediate (**), Advanced (***),  Four Star (****)

Show- Jumping Phase
Cross-Country Phase
Dressage Phase